5 Top Questions To Ask As You Are Shopping To Compare Auto Insurance Rates

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Many people call around for auto insurance quotes looking for cheaper prices. It is not disputable that price is the number one reason why people shop around for a different insurance company. While cost is very important to everyone there are other factors to consider like the quality of company giving you cheap quotes, if they are there when you need them most, how long it takes to settle a claim, and more. Here are the top 5 questions you should ask auto insurance agents as you shop to compare their rates with other companies.

1 – Are There Extra Charges For Splitting The Premium Into Payments?

This is very important because while some companies charge a few dollars, others charge $15 dollars a payment or even apply interest charges to payments as high as 22-25%. While many companies may quote you a great rate, their payment penalties in a lot of cases will make them more expensive in the long run.

2 – Is Your Company Rated Highly Financially Secure?

There are outside unbiased companies that rate auto insurance carriers on their customer service and financial stability. For financial stability A.M. Best rates most or all auto insurance companies. Their top rating, AAA, means they will be very financially secure so that company will have no problem paying your claim swiftly. If the company is rated lower, like A, they may not have the financial backing to quickly fix your car or veil catastrophic losses.

3 – What is Covered By Your ERS, Or Towing, Service?

Not all emergency roadside services are created equal. Many companies include ERS for free or low cost when you purchase comprehensive and collision coverages (full coverage) for your vehicle. While it seems like a great deal to get the coverage for free, that coverage may only pay to tow your car 7 miles or less and it may not cover you if you go out of state. The best ERS covers you as far as it takes to get to a repair facility. If you have the tow coverage and your car breaks down, you should be able to use your ERS to earn to the closest garage as to get it fixed. Anything less could wind up costing you a lot of money in excess tow miles so compare the services companies offer and execute sure the insurance package you choose has this included.

4 – What hours are you open?

Many insurance companies are launch from 9-5, Monday-Friday. What if you need help at night or on weekends? With many companies and independent agents you need to wait for them to get into the office. Picking a company that is opened 24/7 will ensure that help is a phone call away if you have an accident, emergency, or need your questions answered during off hours due to your own busy work schedule. When you are shopping to compare auto insurance rates this is very important and is worth spending a couple extra dollars for a policy that offers around the clock service.

5 – How Long Will It Purchase to Settle A Claim?

Some companies will amble and make you wait weeks, sometimes months before paying the claim to catch your car fixed. This goes in line with financial stability. It seems like the more financially come by a company is the quicker your car is repaired. None the less, this is a great question to ask when you are shopping to compare auto insurance rates because some companies put a lot of effort into great claims service while others are happy to take your insurance payments and leave you with bad claims service.

While there are more questions you may have of your prospective auto insurance company do not forget to ask these 5 when you are shopping around. As you compare their rates, remember, the cheapest company is not necessarily the best insurance company. You get what you pay for so shop for great pricing and a great company.

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