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SR22 Insurance Colorado: Everything that You Need to Know About

If you have been a safe driver all your life you may not need to know what SR22 insurance is. However, if you have got some good points on your driving records, it is most unlikely that you have not heard the name of SR-22 insurance. Contrary to the general belief, SR22 is not actually a type of insurance, but a proof of insurance.

What is it an SR22?

SR22 is a certificate of financial responsibility filing that is attached with your auto insurance by the car insurer. It is basically a certificate from the insurer to verify that you are covered and you carry an active car insurance policy. The insurers need to file the SR22 with the state DMV.

How to Get an SR22 Insurance Colorado?

Tips for finding a Cheap sr22 colorado insuranceGetting a SR22 insurance Colorado is not as simple as sending the proof of car insurance to the DMV of Colorado. An SR22 cannot be filed by a drive on his own. It is so because SR22s are majorly linked with gross and repeated traffic violations, hence it has to be filed by the insurer to let the Colorado DMV know that the concerned driver is covered.

To get an SR22 insurance Colorado you would need to contact your car insurance company and let them know about your requirement of SR22. If you have the records of being a high risk driver, your insurer may decline your request for filing SR22 form with the DMV on your behalf. In that case you would need to look for a different SR22 insurance based company who would agree to file the SR22 for you. If your case is not that bad, your insurer would charge you a fee for filing the SR22 with the DMV and they would file the same with the DMV of your state.

When do You Need an SR22?

You do not need an SR22 unless you are asked by a judge to get one. This means that you would need SR22 filing with your insurance only when you have got a ticket raised against you for violating traffic norms such as DUI or DWI as well as if you had met an accident wherein you failed to prove your financial responsibility.

You would also need SR22 if you have been repeat offender of traffic norms or have got many tickets in quick succession. In case you have a revoked or suspended license, you would need SR22 there also. If you have a clean driving record, you will never need an SR22 in your driving career.

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Does the Previous Insurance Needs to be Cancelled to Get an SR22?

Certainly not! As already mentioned, SR22 is not any type of coverage; hence you need not cancel your existing auto insurance. All you have to do is pay the fees for filing the SR22 to your insurer and they will add the filing to your insurance. In case you are not insured at that point of time, the SR22 insurance Colorado based company will add the charges of the SR22 filing to your insurance rates.

How much would it Cost to Get an SR-22 Colorado Insurance ?

The SR22 filing fee varies from state to state and is usually very nominal. Typically, to file an SR22 form, an auto insurance company would charge you anything between $15 and $25. However if you are a high risk driver, you may end up paying a higher fee than this.

This is when you have existing car insurance. To get an SR22, it is a mandate that you have a car insurance policy as that is what the filing is for. If you get SR22 along with a new car insurance the insurer will include the SR22 filing fees into the progressive quote. It is widely recommended that you compare quotes from different insurance companies before finalizing on any one of them.

Don't drink before to drive! You can get a Dui!

Is an SR22 Needed for a Lifetime?

Usually it takes three years in most states to clear your driving records. Hence, any traffic violation that had brought the requirement of getting SR22 filing done would be cleaned off your records by the end of those three years. In some states it takes about five years as well. Once the driving records are cleared, you will no longer need SR22. You need to get in touch with your auto insurer and have the filing removed from your policy.

How to Avoid the Requirements of Getting an SR22?

As you need SR22 only when you have been booked for traffic related offenses, if you want to avoid the hassles of SR22 filing, you need to practice safe driving. It might be a good piece of information here that DUI and DWI are the major reasons behind the need to file an SR22 certificate. If you ever are pulled over and the cops find that you are without insurance, to prove your financial responsibility you would need an SR22. This to avoid SR22 requirement, do not drive unless you are legitimately covered.

Would People Who do Not Own a Car also Need an SR22?

Many drivers need to prove their financial responsibility to the state even though they do not own a car. For such cases, you need to opt for non-owner SR22 insurance Colorado policy which would have the SR22 included in it. This policy is flexible in terms of vehicles as it is tied to any vehicle that you drive and not a particular one.

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Is a Single SR22 Insurance Accepted by Multiple States?

Firstly, some states do not require SR22 filing with your insurance. If you are moving to a new state that has the requirement of filing SR22 with the insurance, you need to transfer the insurance to the new state and along with that the filing would also get transferred. Otherwise, SR22 is specific to the state where the violation had occurred.

Suspended Drivers License?

If your driver’s license has already been suspended due to a ticket, You could need an SR22 insurance Colorado. You might need it to prevent a driver license suspension.

Colorado Sr22 Insurance is just an “Auto Insurance Coverage”, where the insured requires proof of Financial Responsibility compliance be issued by the insurance company. This is usually due to a requesting State Licensing Authority. Most SR22 requirements are the result of a traffic ticket for driving without the minimum required financial responsibility or may also be required in other circumstances after a DWI or a DUI citation, certain accidents and other traffic or drug related incidents.

SR22 Form Colorado
SR22 Form used in Colorado


SR-22 Filing Terms

The most common required terms is for 2 or 3 years. Requirements may vary depending on your situation so you should check with your licensing authority for your filing term and requirements.

Penalty for Failure to Maintain SR-22 Insurance Certificate

Failure to maintain an SR22 insurance certificate filing until your requirement period has expired might result in certain fines and your driver license and vehicle tags and registrations being suspended.

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New York, North Carolina, Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania don’t require SR-22’s.

Moving from a State to Another

If you carry an SR22 in one state but move to another, you still must complete the SR-22 filing period for your previous place of residence, even after you have moved away. Your new policy must have liability limits which meet the legal minimum requirements of your former jurisdiction.

SR22 Insurance Quotes

Your insurance rates after a DUI or DWI can be high. Many carriers drop or assign these customers to a ‘high-risk’ program and raise their rates dramatically. Rate increases can be as much as 500%. So it is important to shop around for a good low rate and find out what other companies, standard and non standard carriers, will charge you.

You can also save money only having liability insurance, this will help save 50% around the car insurance. This may not be a viable option for all those drivers who finance or lease a more recent car since bank will require full coverage. By stripping around the policy to only the specified coverage can save large sums of money annually. Once you are no longer required to carry the SR22 Insurance Colorado you can the entire coverage back at any time.

SR22 Bond in Colorado

SR26 Form

If your SR22 Insurance policy cancels, lapses or expires for any reason, the Insurance company is required by law to send an SR26 to the DMV notifying them that the associated insurance policy has lapsed. After an SR26 filing the state can then suspend your driver’s license again if still required, you would likely then have to find another or the same insurer to have your driving permission re-instated.

Traffic Attorney in Colorado

A Good Colorado Traffic Attorney can often be of help and can guide you through the court process for certain types of offences. Your counsel may advise you obtain the necessary SR22 coverage Colorado filings before your scheduled court date. This will help demonstrate to the Judge that you are being proactive in assuming your insurance responsibilities even prior to your court date.

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Now that you know almost everything about SR22 insurance in Colorado, you should not be doing a few things any longer. First, you should not be referring to SR22 as a type of insurance. Second, you should not be getting involved in any sort of traffic violations. Finally, you should never think of driving without car insurance.

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